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There are mild side effects that may occur but usually as a result of the user not taking the medication correctly. You can read up on side effects for the type of sleeping pill you would like to take by clicking on the relevant product page. If the medication is taken correctly, there is no reason why you should experience any side effects. In the highly unlikely case they persist, then see a medical professional.

No. There are some people who may not be able to take this medication and these contraindications / contraindicated groups can be researched. You can read further on these by clicking the relevant product pages.

You can buy insomnia medication on our secure online platform. Purchasing these products online offers an affordable and more convenient alternative to buying medication at a regular pharmacy. Prices are often much less than you would normally pay and you will also receive several other benefits including fast delivery directly to your door.

We sell a host of medications that are regulated by the FDA such as zopiclone, zolpidem and Xanax. Our products treat insomnia and sleep related issues like anxiety and stress. We also sell pain relief medications such as tramadol.

If you have an issue, due to a legitimate reason such as the product being defective, there are options. You can read about the possibility of requesting a Refund or Return Delivery under the relevant tab.

The dosage will vary from product to product and this is generally stipulated for you on the product pages, as a general guideline. You can click on the product you want to buy for more information. Generally, one standard dose tablet is taken an hour before bedtime and users are urged not to perform any strenuous activity or drive after the medication has been ingested.